About INTENTIONSIntentions Loft

INTENTIONS offers high-quality home and hospitality products that combine gentle breathing exercises and restful words into unique product design intended to promote relaxation.

Our debut line of basics and luxury bed linens, manufactured and distributed by Peacock Alley Fine Linens, features relaxation-inducing words – such as breathe, sleep, relax – jacquard-woven into beautiful patterns in 300-thread-count, Egyptian-cotton. Each set of all-white sheets and our Serene Throw comes with a booklet of breathing exercises and relaxation techniques designed to help you calm both mind and body.

Armella-AboutAbout the Founder

Armella Stepan knows a thing or two about luxury bedding. A 25-year veteran of the luxury hotel industry, Armella conceived the INTENTIONS brand while coping with a long hospital stay and recovering from the subsequent post-traumatic stress she developed after a surgical mishap almost claimed her life. Post recovery, Armella interviewed over 30 doctors, neuroscientists and yogis
 to understand the keys to relaxation. In doing so, she learned that visualization, words and breathing exercises were particularly helpful for the mind and body to prepare for sleep.

Coupling this research with her expertise as a luxury hotelier, Armella intends to offer tools to improve the sleep experience for those who suffer from sleeplessness at home and on the road. Because of her own medical experience, she has also made it her mission to bring the sleep secrets of INTENTIONS to the healthcare realm. Armella is developing additional INTENTIONS home products and, through Volunteers of America (VOA.org), is contributing education and resources to facilities that are housing soldiers and individuals suffering from PTSD and other traumas.

Bellino Fine Linens Bellino

BELLINO of Italy has been providing exquisite luxury linens for the bed, bath and table for 25 years and is one of the most distinguished brands in the industry. Their exclusive products suit the needs of the most sophisticated buyer: from 300 to 600 thread count sateen and percale to elegant jacquards, yarn dyes, matelasse’, irish linen, prints and basics in a delightful palette of colours. Bellion uses only 100% Egyptian long staple cotton for INTENTIONS and all their fabrics are ECOTEX certified, meaning they are safe and hypoallergenic using no detrimental materials during production.