Using Your Five Senses to Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Sound

Using Your Five Senses to Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Sound

The following is the first in a series of five guest blogger entries from INTENTIONS founder Armella Stepan, which originally appeared on

Calming Sounds for a Better Night's Sleep

It’s no secret that noise can play a huge factor in how well you sleep at night. Some people are so sensitive to sound that they always travel with earplugs, while others can sleep through a fire alarm. But almost everyone is more susceptible to being woken by unfamiliar sounds, which can make sleeping while traveling more of a challenge than at home.

No matter how noise-sensitive you may be, the following tips will improve your chances at getting a sound night’s sleep:

  • Request a quiet room. If you’re traveling, be sure to put in your room requirements as soon as you make your reservation, as a “quiet room” – one on a higher floor and away from elevators, ice machines, and high-traffic hallways – is highly coveted among travelers. Make sure your travel agent and preferred hotel chains have your choice of room listed in your profile.
  • Travel prepared. If you know that you’re sensitive to noise, invest in a package of earplugs or request a pair from the hotel’s front desk. Traveling with your own clock can also help, since you can fall asleep to a familiar sound. For the uber-sensitive sleeper, consider investing in an app or travel device that emits tranquil sounds, white noise, or pink noise, or see if your hotel offers them. A Peking University study showed that 75% of study participants reported a better night’s rest when exposed to pink noise.
  • Prepare a sound defense. Unless there’s a babbling brook or ocean waves just outside your room, close your windows at night to ward off some of the most common sleep disruptors. But if you find that there are still distracting sounds creeping into your sleep haven, consider putting on a fan or some light music. You may want to create a playlist just for travel, or simply pull up some of Brian Eno’s ambient work, which has received praise from insomniacs for more than 35 years.

Armella Stepan is a 25-year luxury hotelier and the founder of INTENTIONS, which offers high-quality bed and bath products that combine gentle breathing exercises and restful words into unique product design intended to promote relaxation.

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