Using Your Five Senses to Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Scent

Using Your Five Senses to Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Scent

The following is the first in a series of five guest blogger entries from INTENTIONS founder Armella Stepan, which originally appeared on

Calming Scents Can Help You Achieve Better SleepA number of factors can affect how well you sleep each night. We all know that noise and light are big contributors, but many people are unaware how big a role your sense of smell plays. Whether you’re on the road or curling up in your own bed at home, heed the following checklist to improve your chances of catching those all-important forty winks.

  • Prep your room with a calming scent. Just as some smells can entice hunger or arousal, several scents have been proven to have a calming effect, which may help your body relax in those crucial moments before your head hits the pillow. Some fragrances you may want to consider: lavender, chamomile, vanilla, sandalwood, and jasmine. When traveling, keep an atomizer with your favorite sleep scent in your toiletry bag so that you’ll always be ready to prep your room before bedtime.
  • Banish the bad smells. Depending how sensitive you are to smell, a strong, offensive odor could jolt you out of sleep like a fire alarm, so take precautions before you hit the hay. If you’re traveling, ask for a hotel room far away from the kitchen, as savory aromas can be just as disruptive to sleep as bad smells.
  • Wake up to a peppy scent. Just as some scents can lull you to slumberland, some of them can help jump-start your day. Spritz a little lemon or peppermint around the room while you get ready to help you start your day off on the right foot.

Armella Stepan is a 25-year luxury hotelier and the founder of INTENTIONS, which offers high-quality bed and bath products that combine gentle breathing exercises and restful words into unique product design intended to promote relaxation.

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