5-Minute Relaxation Sessions at Your Fingertips

5-Minute Relaxation Sessions at Your Fingertips

Rest Relaxation App, Meditation OasisGot stress? There’s an app for that. There are hundreds of apps, in fact, but some of them stand out from the rest due to their cost and ease of use – and, of course, their effectiveness.

The Relax & Rest app from Meditation Oasis doesn’t have the most sophisticated interface, but it does the job – and efficiently, too. What we liked best about this 99-cent digital wonder was the soft and soothing female voice that guides you through the meditations. Easy-to-use options and on-the-go meditations were other fave features – and not just ours but the 400+ other users who have reviewed the app on the iTunes store. Several users cited the app as the reason they get to sleep faster, while we liked the five-minute meditations that allow you to squeeze in a moment of Zen even when you’re on the go. Three different lengths of meditations – 5 minutes, 13, and 24 – let you dial in to your own personal level of tranquility, which can be personalized further through your choice of music or nature sounds (ocean was our favorite).

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