Montecito Journal: Sweet Dreams

Montecito Journal: Sweet Dreams

Montecito JournalInsomnia sufferers would have had a ball at Rooms & Gardens, the State Street design emporium, when former luxury hotelier Armella Stepan gathered three relaxation experts to launch INTENTIONS, a bedding line which is claimed to help sleep.

“My idea came about ten years ago when I came down with an ailment and spent two months in a hospital facility,” says Stepan, former general manager of Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, where I would bunk regularly when I was taping an entertainment show at MGM Studios nearby.  “The experience was abominable!

“Relaxation inducing words, which have evolved after innumerable interviews with doctors and practitioners, are used as woven ‘whispers’ in the fabric, such as relax, breathe, sleep, soothe, quiet.  They are intended to trigger responses and make sleep easier.”

The linens, made in Portugal, are available on line at Neiman Marcus and Horchow, and now at R & G, owned by Eric and Jami Voulgaris.

Local entrepreneur Sara Jaqua, who launched the Gibralter line of flower essences, L.A. sleep therapist John Sahakian and Emma Narachi, owner of the Alchemy Arts Center, were also there to help at the sleepy soiree…


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