Santa Barbara Magazine: Sweet Dreams

Santa Barbara Magazine: Sweet Dreams


While on a quest to regain health and vitality after a medical scare, former hotelier Armella Stepan discovered that what we see, think, and intend in our everyday lives can assist us in achieving deeper states of relaxation.  “I created this line to give people a simple and luxurious tool to help them learn to calm down and get better sleep,” she says about INTENTIONS Linens, which incorporate relaxation-induced words-determined by interviews with more than 30 doctors-woven onto 300-thread-count sheets and throws (from $135).  From afar, words such as “Light” and “Breathe” resemble a delicate pattern, though Stepan intends for these words to be used “as a pathway to quieting the disruptive voices in our heads that prevent us from reaching optimal relaxation.” – J.K.

INTENTIONS LINENS Available at Rooms & Gardens, 924 State St., Santa Barbara, 805-965-2424.


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